Return Policy & Insurance Reimbursement NEW

Customers may return the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® within 30 days of receipt. The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is effective for the majority of patients within the first two weeks of daily use, but some customers may require three to four weeks to experience positive results. If you need a few extra days, or even a couple of extra weeks, we would be delighted to extend the refund period beyond 30 days. We would prefer that you have ample time to judge the effectiveness of our technology rather than returning it prematurely.

To request more time, simply call 800 692 4380 or email us at

If you ultimately decide to return the device for a refund, please see our refund policy.

Insurance Reimbursement Process

Many but not all private insurance companies, such as Aetna, United Healthcare and Blue Cross have reimbursed patients for the purchase of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®, especially when it is used for the treatment of pain. Fisher Wallace does not process reimbursement claims on behalf of patients, so we recommend that you contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage and the details of their reimbursement process. A letter of medical necessity may be required to obtain coverage. You may download a template of this letter. For more information on the reimbursement process, please click here.